“A Tale Unwoven” by David Monteith

Every night for the last ninety-nine nights a story had saved her life. She was Shahrazad, wife and slave to King Shahryar. Each night she told a tale of adventure, or intrigue, or love to the king. At the end of each story she made sure to leave some mystery unsolved, some question unanswered. By doing so she hoped the King’s curiosity would get the … Continue reading “A Tale Unwoven” by David Monteith

“Cracked and Broken” by Shawna Borman

There’s a crack in the wall and no one agrees on how it got there. Papa says the foundation shifted, but the wall didn’t want to go with it so it split right down the middle. Bubba keeps telling me the wall’s getting ready to drop the ceiling on my head. He likes messing with me, though, so I don’t believe him. Out of all … Continue reading “Cracked and Broken” by Shawna Borman

A Spell for Death Teaser!

Chapter One: Amelia Shit happens. That’s what my godmother always used to say. “Amelia,” she’d tell me, waving a half-drank martini over the cheap little kitchen island she so loved to congregate around, “there’s no rhyme or reason to the world sometimes. No one deserves what they get, good or bad. It just happens. Shit happens. Remember that, honey. If you hunt for meaning in … Continue reading A Spell for Death Teaser!