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General Submission Guidelines:

When submitting to Harbinger Press open calls, please observe the following guidelines for submissions in addition to the stated guidelines for the specific call. Failure to follow the submission guidelines may result in a rejection of your manuscript.

  1. Files should be submitted in .docx format, one story per document, please.
  2. Please include a title page with the manuscript title and any subtitle along with your author name or preferred pen name, your email address and any relevant web addresses to author websites (including Amazon author page if available). If your manuscript does not include at least your email address you will not hear back from us.
  3. Submissions should be in English. If accepted, translations to other languages are welcome at the author’s discretion but will not be treated as separate manuscripts for the purposes of payment.
  4. Font should be Times New Roman, 11 pt.
  5. Paragraph and line formatting should be single-spaced with a 0.5″ first line indent for paragraphs.
  6. Chapter headings should be formatted to ‘heading 1’, with a page break between any chapters.
  7. Please do not include page headers or footers.
  8. We strongly recommend against simultaneous submissions.
  9. For each open call, Harbinger Press only accepts one submission per author, per call but you may submit up to three works for consideration to most calls. Please send us your best current work.

During open calls, we may receive hundreds of manuscripts. Manuscripts which do not meet these requirements may be rejected automatically. Please allow at least 60 days before inquiring about manuscripts that have been sent to Harbinger Press. We will assess and respond to submissions as quickly as we are able. With each call, Harbinger Press only accepts a limited number of submissions even if all submissions are of high quality. Our acceptance or denial of a submitted work is not necessarily a judgement of quality.

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