About Us

Harbinger Press LLC is a small publisher of fantasy, horror, and romance with a focus on gripping, edgy books that challenge expectations of genre fiction.

Harbinger was founded by authors Marie Robinson and B.C. Palmer with their first co-authored series, The Last Promethean, March 1st 2019.

Harbinger seeks to bring innovative new voices and ideas to the fantasy genres. Over our first year in 2019, we have a slate of new series planned by our founding authors, as well as acquisitions programs to collect short works. By 2021, we hope to expand our press into acquisitions of novel length works from new and diverse voices in fantasy.

Our Founders

Marie Robinson

Marie Robinson is a fantasy romance author, an accomplished editor, and a former literary agent with an MFA in publishing. Her works include The Magical Kingdoms, Beautiful Secrets, and The Last Promethean series co-authored with B.C. Palmer.

“With Harbinger I wanted the freedom to produce books that might not otherwise be seen, whether that’s blending genres that big publishers don’t want to take a chance on or finding that gem that looks like it just has to be read. Teaming up with Brian has meant having a well-balanced perspective, a team mate, and a collaborator who is always willing to try and get into trouble with me.”

B.C. Palmer

B.C. Palmer is a fantasy and romance author with a history as a former ghostwriter from some of the top performing indie authors on the market. After writing over thirty novels for popular romance, thriller, and mystery names, he started his own author career with the release of New Shoes, the first Saint-Moreno novel, set in Portland, OR, which was edited by Marie Robinson.

“My goal in co-founding Harbinger Press was to go on this incredible adventure with Marie because we both have this desire to create and find incredible books to bring to readers and we’re both big risk takers. I hope that Harbinger can be a source of diverse voices in fantasy of all descriptions, and that together we can help find and lift up new writers whose voices will bring fresh perspective to fantasy.”