“Moving Perpendicular to Time” by Evelyn Benvie

This morning, I saw a man who looked just like my brother driving a car that looked just like mine. Makes you really rethink what they say about parallel universes.

Or is that universi?

I always mix it up with octopus.

It’s not even a special morning either, which is disappointing. If I was to discover a parallel universe where my brother got the Honda and I got the Ford, say, shouldn’t it be on a special day?

There’s that big word my Rufus is always using. Mon-you-men-tus, it is. Well, if I was to find a parallel universe, it should be on a day like that.

Makes it almost seem like a waste, really, following the man who looks like my brother driving the car that looks like mine. The license plate is almost the same, even.

Actually, I think it might be.

And they’ve got one of those cute little cookie cutter homes with the shutters and the two car garage, just like Joe does. And their two little boys, why, they look just like little Josh and little Billy, with their toys all over the fresh green lawn. Got the trikes, just like the ones I bought ‘em last Christmas.

I watch them all day, until they’ve gone to bed. Ten o’clock sharp. If that isn’t just like my good old Joe. Their door is painted his favorite shade of red, still visible by the streetlight’s glow.

Their security code is even the same, too.

Now, how about that.

Evelyn Benvie is the wooly jumper in a family of black sheep. Both a cynic and a romantic at heart, she writes diverse, queer-positive fiction and poetry that have been published online and in print. Her first novella, Something to Celebrate, was recently published by Mischief Corner Books and is available on Amazon. Find out more about the author at evelynbenvie.com, or connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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