Against the Gods: The Last Promethean, Book 2

Gorgons, Chimeras, and belligerent leprechauns. All in the life of the last Promethean.

After fleeing with Ronan and landing in the cursed city of Boston, we must claw our way back to what remains of the resistance. Cryptic allies offer us assistance and without any other resources, we’re forced to trust someone who is reliably untrustworthy.

Gabe struggles with his identity, and Fitz is trying to keep everyone sane. But how do I take care of myself when Zeus and Aries are on our trail, trying to destroy everything I’ve come to love?
It’s time to push myself past breaking because if I can’t command my powers, the resistance will be crushed beneath the might of Olympus.

This is the second book in an urban fantasy trilogy. It contains scenes which may be disturbing to some readers and builds a romance between multiple characters. Book three will be out in July 2019.

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